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Built in traditional Byzantine style in the form of a Greek cross, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral was built as a replacement for the 1922 Hellenic Orthodox Evangelical Church on Park Street. Although the new building replaced several historic commercial buildings, including the long-time favorite Mellman’s restaurant, the church has become a welcome neighbor and a real asset for the North Market and Short North districts. It hosts an annual Greek Festival that draws thousands.

The design incorporates traditional Byzantine elements such as arched openings, curved walls, tile roofs, and a large, low dome, as well as a tall bell tower at the southwest corner of the building. The buff brick walls and the tile roof blend well into a cohesive, though complex, design. The church is especially noted for its spectacular interior mosaics. The 1922 church, which received a 1951 addition, remains in use by the church congregation at its original location on Park Street, behind the current church.