This material is used by permission of Ohio University Press,

The thirty-seven-story Huntington Center has a commanding presence and distinctive profile on Capitol Square. Its formal and symmetrical design respect the Ohio Statehouse directly across the street. The H-shaped, notch-back arrangement of this building’s principal east and west facades makes it distinctive in the city, giving it a character that constantly changes according to angle of view and light conditions. This is another building you will want to look back to from time to time as you move around Capitol Square.

Notice how the massive exterior trusses define a series of multistory interior atriums and express one aspect of the building’s structure. The innovative H-shape not only makes for an interesting facade, but also creates multiple corner offices on every floor. The building is also distinctive for its use of tinted glass and red granite with a flame finish.

The lower level and ground floor of the Huntington Center house retail stores and offices, while the mezzanine provides access to a downtown hotel and a private club. Tunnels connect the center to various state government buildings.