Limited HQ

The buildings for the Limited Brands Headquarters have the representational challenge of providing an expression of the ever changing tastes of fashion within the confines of static building materials. They also has the challenge of trying to express the human scale against the design requirements of immense buildings that must remain flexible and can be easily adapted to meet the diverse demands of the continuously changing retail industry.

The building has a very minimal palette of materials that include glass curtainwall and strip windows, with profiled black metal siding. The ribbed profiles in the metal siding along with the placement of the window openings act to break down the scale of the immense buildings and provide a human scale to activities.

All of their facilities have been designed with the same high quality and tasteful finishes that reflect The Limited Brand’s high fashion image. Their philosophy is that the businesses can be moved from one location to another within their campuses as required by the specific brand’s needs. Much like the fashion industry, Limited Brands is continuously upgrading their facilities to offer their associates the latest trends, for a modern pleasant work environment, as well as to take advantage of the most current materials handling technologies.