Nestor Hall


With the addition of Nestor Hall to the Columbus State Campus, there was a challenge to try and create new interior and exterior spaces for visitors beyond the original quadrangle of the existing campus. Nestor Hall forms another courtyard with the elements and form of its design along with other existing components of the campus. The result is meant to be a building that is comfortable in its context, but is in no way limited by it.

The massing of the building is a non-ideal curve that helps to connect the overall campus grain to the urban context. The sculpted elevator shafts, arches, theater mass, rotated ramp and bulging glass express the elements of the interior program and allow them to be seen on the exterior of the building.  The windows are an ever changing expression of internal elements as they vary and modulate in style and scale to create a constantly evolving method of how the exterior is opened to the interior.

The primary material for the exterior wall is the campus’ beige iron-spot brick.  However, it is studded on the south elevation and elsewhere augmented with patterned red brick, polished black granite and spotted corrugated metal.