This material is used by permission of Ohio University Press,

  • Architects: Brubaker/Brandt, Columbus; Dalton•Dalton•Little•Newport, Cleveland
  • 1974
  • 30 East Broad Street

As the city’s tallest skyscraper, Rhodes State Office Tower is a distinctive, commanding presence on Capitol Square. This forty-one-story building’s form and massing are complex. The exterior is of dark gray glass and red flame granite. Gazing around Capitol Square, you can see this same reddish-pink Italian granite on the Huntington Building, its color reflected again in the color of the Wyandotte Building. The architects carried this rich stone surface through to the tower’s three-story lobby. While you walk around the square, if you glance back at this building occasionally you will notice some subtle changes each time do, because of the tower’s series of intersecting rectangular planes.

The asymmetrical base reflects the scale of the earlier buildings adjacent to the Rhodes Tower. The entrance is set back from the plane of the southwest corner of the building, thus creating a small plaza area. A bronze sculpture of the building’s namesake, four-term Ohio Governor James A. Rhodes, is located in the plaza facing Capitol Square.