Student Academic Services

The student academic services building is the primary north gateway to the University, and provides a home for the important and often used student services.

To maximize the functionality of the site, the design solution was a six-story student services building with a connected nine deck Parking Garage utilizing a shared common wall.  This shared common wall eliminates significant solar heat gain at the south wall of the occupied building; the garage decks shading the entire wall surface.  Energy use modeling illustrated significant percentage savings in energy consumption with this design.

60% of the building fenestration orients to the north, eliminating unwanted glare and solar heat gain.  Windows that orient to the west, framing views of Ohio Stadium and longer views of the Olentangy River, are deeply recessed to provide maximum shading.  Glass walls paralleling the exterior north glazing provide day light and views to the exterior from all occupied work locations.

A cantilevered “porch” protects the main pedestrian entry to the building creating a functional, pedestrian friendly covered entrance that allows for outside events. Fenestration patterns were designed to give texture to a large, simple building that would otherwise be overwhelming to pedestrians. LED lighting at the garage stainless steel fabric articulates this texture at night.