Wexner Center

  • Architects: Richard Trott & Partners, Columbus; Eisenman Robertson, New York City
  • 1989
  • 1871 N. High St
  • Renovation: Arup Associates, New York City; OSU University Architect, 2005

North of Sullivant Hall and behind Mershon Auditorium is OSU’s most daring building, the result of an international design competition. In addition to linking Mershon and Weigel Hall, the Wexner Center provides gallery and performance spaces not available in the other two buildings.

The Wexner Center is skewed off true north by 12 1/4 degrees to reflect the variation of the city and campus street grids. The building is organized around multiples of 12, 24, 48, and 96 to establish the proportional relationship among the various elements. At the south end is a stylized miniature rendition of the old OSU Armory with its crenellated tower; the armory stood on this site until it burned in 1958. From the south end, a modular structural grid rises to the north, its stark vertical and horizontal lines seeming both to float above and to contain the enclosed space below and around it. A permanent sculpture, Groundswell, was installed by artist Maya Lin.